What is the origin of Cumulus Marketing?

I coined the term Cumulus Marketing to describe a number of trends. I describe cumulus marketing in this way:

1. Grab Attention. Cumulus Marketing grabs attention. Like a big puffy white cloud in a blue sky on a sunny day, bright and bold marketing gets noticed. Cumulus clouds cause ordinary citizens to blurt out: “what a beautiful day!” Cumulus Marketing causes potential buyers to exclaim “that’s cool! I want that!”

2. Consistent Messaging. Cumulus Marketing repeats messages with consistency. Cumulus Marketing understands that messages repeated with consistency have a cumulative effect.

3. Digital Delivery. Cumulus Marketing leverages digital marketing technology. Today’s cloud-based digital CRM and marketing technology is transforming and disrupting the delivery of marketing campaigns and the management of customer experience.

4. Rainmaking. Cumulus Marketing leads into rainmaking. In fact, Cumulus Marketing is rainmaking for the cloud. As the buying process is increasingly conducted online and at arms-length from the salesperson, rainmaking responsibilities are shifting to marketing. Deals often close on eCommerce sites without any salesperson interaction. Marketing needs to setup online sites and living breathing salespeople for rainmaking success.

So why did I choose the name “cumulus marketing”?

First, I’ve observed that a lot of cloud companies need marketing services. Small and inexperienced marketing teams competing in the cloud economy often need to follow a “fail forward fast” approach to marketing. Cumulus Marketing was created to bring some stability to cloud company marketing efforts by offering the essential digital marketing services needed by these businesses.

Second, Cumulus clouds are puffy. Marketing is often referred to as puffy. Sometimes we even write the “puff piece.” Look at cumulus clouds, they’re showy and attract attention.

Third, cumulus clouds often precede rain. While marketing may not be the real rainmakers, per se, good marketing ushers in great salespeople – often referred to as “rainmakers.” A good marketer understands their role in support of sales.

Fourth, cumulus shares its Latin root meaning with the word cumulative. Marketing creates a mass, and brings together the elements need for markets to flourish. Our messages often need to be cumulative.

Glenn Johnson, Founder and Principal Consultant for Cumulus Marketing Agency is a thought leader in marketing automation, content marketing and customer experience. Author of the “Guide to Oracle Sales Cloud Integration,” he is an award-winning blog author and frequent guest columnist in industry publications and speaker at trade conferences. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from Quest International Users Group. He is a former Senior Vice President for Magic Software Enterprises and Communications and Creative Director for Graphix Zone. He may be contacted at gjohnson@cumulusmarketing.agency

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