Essential Questions for Marketers

In an age of digital disruption, marketers must begin to ask themselves essential questions. Delivering on the promise of improved Customer Experience causes us to ask questions of ourselves as marketing professionals. Spend some time with these questions…

1. How have you encountered digital transformation in your business and how is it disrupting your go-to-market strategies?
2. How are you moving beyond your fear of the changes that are transforming the markets you serve?
3. How is digital transformation changing your daily routine as a marketing professional? What are some ways you can create opportunities that leverage the cumulative effect of past marketing investments?
4. How can you leverage cloud-based marketing technologies to automate and improve your marketing efforts?
5. Why is digital marketing central to your marketing efforts? What real or perceived barriers must be addressed to help you achieve positive results through the digital transformation of your marketing efforts?
6. If customer experience is central to market success, what must change for your business to deliver the digital experiences and overall customer experiences that lead to your business leading the digital disruption of your industry rather than falling victim to it?
7. What does it look like to be a leader in digital experience (DX) and customer experience (CX) in your industry? How can you help to realize the needed transformation?

Those marketers brave enough to delve into the essential questions and answer them will find themselves ready to make the big moves and take the daily steps needed to thrive in an era of digital disruption.

Glenn Johnson, Founder and Principal Consultant for Cumulus Marketing Agency is a thought leader in marketing automation, content marketing and customer experience. Author of the “Guide to Oracle Sales Cloud Integration,” he is an award-winning blog author and frequent guest columnist in industry publications and speaker at trade conferences. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from Quest International Users Group. He is a former Senior Vice President for Magic Software Enterprises and Communications and Creative Director for Graphix Zone. He may be contacted at

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