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Why Marketing Matters

Rainmakers, those individuals in your organization that book major deals and close opportunities representing significant revenue,  are empowered and inspired by good marketing. A tightly defined strategy, compelling brand architecture, and efficient content engine are essential to identifying prospects, nurturing opportunities and building engaging customer experiences.

The Cumulus Marketing Story

Digital transformation is impacting every area of your business. In an era where brand architecture is increasingly moving to the cloud, businesses need marketing services, content creation and rainmaking resources that are agile, flexible and efficient. Cumulus Marketing exists to serve the need of today's busy marketing and executive leadership for immediate marketing resources. Let us put our award-winning experience to work for your cloud company or transforming enterprise.

Meet Our Founder

Glenn Johnson is the founder of Cumulus Marketing. His thought leadership articles have appeared in hundreds of publications including  CRM Magazine, The Enterprisers Project, IT World, CIO, Customer Think, Campaign Insight, Presentations Magazine, Digital Video (DV) and Multimedia Producer Magazine.

Glenn Johnson

Founder & Principal Consultant

Glenn Johnson, Founder and Principal Consultant for Cumulus Marketing Agency is a thought leader in marketing automation, content marketing and customer experience. Author of the "Guide to Oracle Sales Cloud Integration," he is an award-winning blog author and frequent guest columnist in industry publications and speaker at trade conferences. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from Quest International Users Group. He is a former Senior Vice President for Magic Software Enterprises and Communications and Creative Director for Graphix Zone. He may be contacted at 

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